Temprid Ready To Spray

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Temprid Ready To Spray is used for indoor or outdoor use as either a crack and crevice injection or spot treatment. Use this product with the supplied actuator or injection tubes. The new can also has new features that will make the application easier. Using the Bag-on-Valve technology Temprid Ready Spray is able to be applied from any angle, 360 degrees, without any problems, the pressure when applying stays the same even when the can is almost out, and it will reach 10 - 12 feet.

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 Active Ingredient   Imidacloprid 0.05%, beta-Cyfluthrin 0.02%
 Target Pests   Ants (excluding fire ants), bed bugs, black widow spiders, boxelder bugs, brown recluse spiders, brown widow spiders, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, carpet beetles, centipedes, clothes moths, cluster flies, cockroaches, crickets, earwigs, and more
 Application   * See label for complete application instructions
 Pet Safe   Yes, if used as directed on Label
 NOT FOR SALE TO   NY (Commercial Applicators Only)
 Special Features  
 EPA Registration  432-1527

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