Temprid FX Insecticide

Size: 240 ML
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Temprid FX Insecticide is a suspension concentrate formulation of two insecticide active ingredients, Imidacloprid and beta-Cyfluthrin. One gallon of this product contains 2 lbs of imidacloprid and beta-Cyfluthrin. Treat your home in places where pests have been spotted or give the outside of your home a perimeter spray (3 feet up and 3 feet out around the foundation of the home) to prevent future infestations. One application of Temprid FX with kill adult fleas for 2-3 months and may be used for mosquito control.

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 Active Ingredient   Imidacloprid 21% beta-Cyfluthrin 10.5%
 Target Pests   Mosquitoes, Ants, Bed bugs, Blue or Green Bottle flies, Boxelder bugs, Brown marmorated stink bugs, Carpet beetles, Centipedes, Clothes moths, Clover mites, Cluster flies, Cockroaches and others * See Label for complete list
 Application   * See label for complete application instructions
 NOT FOR SALE TO   CT, NY (Restricted to Commercial Applicators)
 EPA Registration  432-1544

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