Precor IGR Concentrate

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Featuring the active ingredient (S)-methoprene, Precor® IGR Concentrate effectively breaks the flea’s life cycle. This formulation prevents flea infestations and provides residual flea control. Precor® IGR Concentrate controls adult and pre-adult fleas (95% of flea populations).

  • Precor® Insect Growth Regulator prevents flea emergence for up to seven months
  • Provides professional flea control without disrupting household activities
  • Heavier-than-air molecules go deep into the base of carpets and upholstery
  • Can be tank mixed with an adulticide for more severe infestations

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 Active Ingredient   S-Methoprene 1.2%
 Target Pests   Fleas (excluding existing adult fleas)
 Application   * See label for complete application instructions
 Pet Safe   Yes, when dry.
 EPA Registration  2724-352

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