Petcor 2 Flea & Tick Spray

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Petcor®2 Flea & Tick Spray kills adult fleas, flea eggs, flea larvae, ticks, and repels mosquitoes. Flea eggs and larvae sprayed with Petcor®2 Flea & Tick Spray will not grow into adults. Petcor®2 Flea & Tick Spray combines the adult flea killing power of etofenprox with the long-lasting flea egg-killing power of S-Methoprene Insect Growth Regulator. Petcor®2 is very effective to Fleas and Ticks

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 Active Ingredient   0.50% Etofenprox 0.27% (S)-Methoprene 1.75% Piperonyl butoxide
 Target Pests   Fleas, ticks and mosquitoes
 Application   * See label for complete application instructions
 Pet Safe   Yes, if used as directed on Label
 EPA Registration  2724-797-89459

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