Fruit Fly Treatment

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Treating For Fruit Flies
Fruit Fly Treatment

Wipe Out Breeding & Food Sources

The first step in getting rid of your Fruit fly problem is locating their food source. The inability to find their food source can lead to a fast reinfestation as new Fruit flies will invade the area looking for that particular source of food. When the food source has been found and wiped out, you can get rid of the adults Fruit flies by spraying, fogging, or using fly traps.

Sanitation is the best way for controlling and eliminating pests. You must remove or clean the breeding and food source of the flies in order to completely eliminate them. Most methods of sanitation are common sense. Fruit flies will require fruit, vegetables, or other decaying organic type material to complete their life cycle. It is best to try to eliminate as much of this organic material as possible.

This will include:

  • Keep garbage in a bin with a proper and tight fitting lid
  • Clean out garbage cans
  • Dispose of any rotting fruits and vegetables
  • Keep produce stored in plastic containers
  • Clean up any food or spills that you may have found
  • Clean up under floor mats and any rugs
  • Fix damaged grout around tiles to prevent any water seepage into walls where fruit flies might breed
  • Clean counters with a disinfectant cleaner
  • Mop the floors with cleaner
  • Clean the sink and any other floor drains where food particles might have gotten into with drain gel

Pyrethrin Fogger

A Pyrethrin fogger is a good choice if you have a lot of Fruit fly activity indoors and you want to get rid of them quickly. Using this method, you will eliminate any Fruit flies that are out during the application but won't leave behind an active residue. Follow the label instructions and apply the fogger in the infested area(s). Most foggers require you to vacate the room after the application and ventilate before you go back inside.

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