Flea Treatment

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Getting Rid of Fleas
Flea Close Up Flea Treatment

Getting rid of your flea infestation will mean you will need to treat all places that can be infested, which includes pets, homes and yards. IF you do not treat all of the areas, it is most likely the treatment will not work. It is advised that you start with your pets, and then treat homes and yards. Any treatments that you do should be done around the same time for optimal results.

Get Rid of Fleas On Pets
Flea Bath Flea Treatment

Ridding youself of a flea infestation will usually start with any pets that live on the home, or on your property. When you start the pet flea control procedure, always take your pet's species, age, and health into consideration when treating. Be certain to read the product label of any flea treatments to make sure you can use it on your pet. There are three main treatment options for your pets:
  • Drops
  • Sprays
  • Baths
Giving your dog a flea bath is the most popular and fast working flea treatments you can do for pets. A bath with a medicated pet shampoo will offer immediate kill of biting fleas and it is the first course of action for badly infested pets. Always read the product label of the flea shampoo you use, as many have species or age restrictions to follow to insure your pet's safety.

The issue with using pet flea shampoos is that most of the time, cats, as well as dogs do not like to get bathed and can get very stressed out during bath time. Most flea shampoos only immediately contact kill fleas present on the animal at the time of the bath but will not stop the pet from getting infested again.

Get Rid of Fleas In the House
Flea Treatment Indoors

Treating your house for fleas is an important part of a flea control, especially if you have infested pets. Make sure you treat all of the areas where your pet has spent any time resting, playing, or grooming. Flea elimination inside can take about 2-8 weeks depending on the level of the infestation. Flea control indoors will require you to use a mix of insecticides as well as mechanical control.

Treatment Methods
  • Wash or throw out pet bedding.
  • Wash, treat, or throw away all area rugs.
  • Vacuum or steam clean any furniture where your pets sleep or lay on.
  • Vacuuming is a crucial component of any flea control program. Thoroughly vacuum the entire home prior to any flea insecticide application. Continue to vacuum once every other day for at least 2 weeks. Vacuuming will pull fleas and eggs to the surface and also provides the stimulation the pupa and will need to exit their cocoons and expose themselves to the insecticides you have put down.

Get Rid of Fleas In the Yard
Outdoor Flea Control Flea Treatment

Flea treatment for your yard will include treating outside areas that are infested with fleas. When you start the outside flea control process, always consider that not only those areas where your pet spends time resting and playing, etc., but also places where wild or stray animals may come into contact.

Remove Yard Debris

Yard Debris Flea Treatment

Any yard debris you may have, should be removed before reatment so that any spray insecticide can get down to the grass and soil level where fleas are developing.

Apply a liquid concentrate flea insecticide on the infested areas you found during your inspection. Areas could include decks, under trees, and places where leaves or other types of yard debris would accumulate, or areas where there is dense shrubbery. There is little to no reason to spray open, or sunny areas, dry and dusty areas, or patios and driveways, as fleas will not develop in those areas.

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