Treating For Drain Flies

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How To Get Rid Of Drain Flies
Drain Flies
The first step to get rid of your Drain Fly issue is to get rid of any debris that might be in the drains that are allowing the Drain flies to breed. Next would be eliminating any adult Drain flies. It could take a few weeks to get rid of Drain flies and the length of treatment will depend on how much debris that you have built up inside the drain as well as the number of drains.

After you have identified which drains are infested, the first step of a drain fly treatment is to start getting rid of the built up gunk in the drains where the drain flies are breeding. Drain cleaners are concentrated biological products specifically designed to breakdown organic matter built-up in sinks, drains, garbage disposals and other areas where drain flies harbor and reproduce.

Spray Treatment

Drain Fly

You can do this with an insecticide aerosol.

Products needed for Drain flies:

Gentrol Complete
Gentrol Complete Aerosol

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