Treating for Carpet Beetles

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Getting Rid of Carpet Beetles
Treating Carpet Beetles Fibers Rugs

Carpet Beetles are pests that will damage clothing, furniture, carpets, and similar items made from natural animal fibers. It would not too hard to eliminate Carpet Beetles with the right treatment and products.

Clean / Prepare Your Home
Carpet Beetles Treatment Vacuum

Locating the source of the Carpet Beetle problem is a key element into eliminating them. Once the source of the infestation is located, there are some common steps you can do before treating your home with product.

Vacuuming your home frequently will make a large difference to your Carpet Beetle invasion because vacuuming can suck up both the Carpet Beetles and their larvae. When you are done vacuuming, empty the vac cannister or bag into a garbage bag and seal it well, then put it outdoors in your garbage can. It is a good idea to vacuum daily while you are treating for Carpet Beetles. Be sure that you get into dark areas, such as closets and also types of material that you can't put into a washing machine. Examples would be area rugs, furniture, and drapes/curtains.

Wash all of the clothing, bedding, towels, and other fabrics in your home that you can and put them in the dryer on high heat to kill Carpet Beetles, larvae, and eggs. Using the high heat setting of the dryer is crucial as that is what will kill the Carpet Beetles.

Using Insecticide and IGR
Carpet Beetles Treatment - Insecticide Aerosol

Use insecticide products labeled for Carpet Beetles, like Shockwave 1 Flushing Killing and Residual Aerosol, then treat the following areas of your house:

  • Carpets/rugs. (check the label of your product to see it can be broadcast sprayed across the carpet or if it is only for spot treatments.)
  • Underneath furniture
  • Door frames
  • Window frames
  • Shelving
  • Corners of closets
  • Cracks and crevices
Always remove children and pets from any of the rooms that you are treating. Wait until the product is dry before letting them back into the rooms, this is usually 1-2 hours.

Insecticide Dust for Hard to Get Places
Eaton Green Bellow Duster

Insecticide dust, like CimeXa Insecticide Dust, along with an Eaton Green Bellow Duster is a great way to kill Carpet Beetles in harder to treat areas or in areas where you can't apply sprays. Insecticide dust is a slow kill, so we advise using it in addition to the other insecticide products for your Carpet Beetle problem.

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