Preventing Cluster Flies

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Preventing Cluster Flies from Entering Your House

Identifying Cluster Flies

Your house or building could serve as a hotel for pests like Cluster flies while they hole up for the winter. Cluster flies typically hide in the cracks and crevices of homes during the winter to stay away from the cold, only coming out in the spring when temperatures are warmer.

The best way to eliminate a Cluster fly infestation is to prevent the infestation before it starts.

Treat Your Home for Cluster Flies

Cluster Flies

Choose the best insecticide that is labeled for Cluster flies, such as Onslaught or Suspend Polyzone. The insecticide you choose should be a residual type. Residual insecticides last longer than non-residuals, this will allow more Cluster flies to come into contact with the chemical.

Use an insecticide labeled for Cluster flies to create a barrier around the perimeter of your home.

Always read the label of your chosen insecticide to determine how much insecticide mixed with water you will need for your particular treatment. Then, while wearing gloves and long-sleeves, mix the insecticide of your choice with water in a hand pump sprayer. Replace the cap of the sprayer and shake the sprayer to thoroughly mix your solution.

Spray the following areas around your home:
  • Spray 3 feet up, and 3 feet out around the perimeter of your house's foundation
  • Spray 3 feet up onto the sunniest side of the home or building.
  • Around outdoor light fixtures
  • Around door and window frames
  • Where utility pipes enter your home
  • Where caulking around windows and doors has cracked
Spray Outside

Use Aerosol Spray Outside
Cluster Flies Outside

Another good way to prevent Cluster flies from entering the home is to use a residual insecticide in an aerosol can, such as PT Cy-kick Aerosol. Spray the aerosol in the following areas:
  • Window and door screens
  • Around light fixtures
  • Corners of garages and porches
  • Window and door frames
  • Soffits and eaves
  • Cracks and crevices around the foundation of the house
Check the label of the can for instructions and on how often to reapply. Do not apply any aerosol where you have already applied liquid insecticides as using both in the same area will lessen the effects of the insecticide.

General Pest Prevention
General Pest Prevention

The best way to prevent Cluster flies from entering your house or yard is to use basic sanitation methods.

Follow these steps to keep the Cluster flies away:
  • Seal off any points of entry for Cluster flies including cracks and crevices around doors and window frames, soffits, vents, pipes, and where utilities would enter the home
  • Door sweeps can block Cluster flies from entering below any outer doors
  • Maintain cleanliness around the home by vacuuming, sweeping any crumbs from the kitchen floor, and emptying trash cans
  • Yard waste, lawn clippings, mulch, and piles of wood can be breeding grounds for Cluster flies as these areas attract earthworms, which in turn, attract Cluster flies.

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