Preventing Carpenter Ants

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Preventing Carpenter Ants from infesting wood in your structure, house, and on your property can involve different methods including cleaning up, quarterly insecticide treatments, and applying wood preservative to vulnerable wood.

Outdoor Clean-Up
Carpenter Ants need wood as well as moisture to live in their preferred area. Try to control or limit the wood in contact with high moisture content so you can limit Carpenter Ants from taking up residence on your property. It's important to keep your property free of debris like tree stumps, fallen limbs, as well as moist mulch as these will attract Carpenter Ants. Any trees that might have dead limbs still attached to them should be properly taken care of. Any firewood should be stacked as far away from the structure as you can.

Carpenter Ant Prevention Outdoor Clean-Up

Protecting Wood
Wood on and in a structure is wood that could come in contact with too much moisture. Window frames and door frames, areas around vents and wood in voids where pipes might sweat or leak are vulnerable to Carpenter Ant infestations. If there are any leaky pipes, they should be repaired before treatment. You can treat and protect wood in these particular areas by using products such as Tim-bor Professional or Bora-Care.

Carpenter Ant Prevention Protecting Wood

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