Preventing Bed Bugs

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Prevention of Bed Bugs
Life Cycle of a Bed Bug  Bed Bug

Get to know what a Bed Bug is what they look like as well as a total infestation. You might not be able always be able to prevent a few bed bugs from entering your house, but early detection can stop them from becoming a full-blown infestation.

Check Mattresses Frequently
Bed Bugs Mattress

Every time you change out your bedding, check for signs of Bed Bugs. Check sheets, pillowcases, etc. for bugs and blood spots. Check your mattress, especially in the folds, tufts, and seams. Using a mattress cover and box spring cover on each section will remove hiding places and searching for Bed Bugs a lot more simple.

Check Rooms When Away From Home (motels, hotels, etc.)
Check Rooms For Bed Bugs

Do a complete check of your room if you are in a hotel, motel, or guest bedroom when you are out of town to keep from bringing back Bed Bugs back with you. Always check the mattress, headboard, drawers, and dressers before placing your belongings.

You can always pack some Bed Bug travel spray just in case you come in contact with a Bed Bug infestation. Travel sprays are not meant to treat a whole room or an infestation. They are for use on your belongings to prevent you from bringing back Bed Bugs from your trip. Bed Bugs themselves are attracted to warm areas and blood. Bed Bugs usually get to your home from other infested areas like hotels or used furniture.

Check Your House After Guests Leave
Bed Bug House Guests

It is always a good idea to check for any Bed Bugs after you have had any guests stay over at your house. Friends, or even family members, may not even know that they left Bed Bugs in your house. Check any places where your guests' luggage and other belongings were stored and where guests spent a lot of time and where slept.

Try Not To Get Used or Thrown Away Furniture
Bed Bugs Used Furniture

Be particularly careful not pick up furniture that has been thrown out to the curb and be very cautious when buying any furniture secondhand. Always do an inspection of used furniture that you come across so can save yourself from the trouble of a nasty Bed Bug infestation.

We always advise treating any used furniture with Steri-Fab before it is brought into your home. Steri-Fab not only kills bed bugs and Bed Bug eggs on contact, and it also acts as a germicide, deodorant, as well as a bactericide.

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