Preventing Asian Lady Beetles

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Asian Lady Beetle Prevention
Your home could serve as a haven for Lady Asian Beetles while they hole up for the winter time. Asian Lady Beetles typically hide in the cracks and crevices of a home during the winter. When it gets warmer in the spring time and then they come out looking for food and becoming an issue for homeowners. Asian Lady Beetles are found on the side of the home where there is the most sunlight.
Asian Lady Beetle
If you happen to have Asian lady beetles in your home, you can contain the infestation. The treatment may be limited because once you find out that you have them, they are already in your home. It is best to treat your house before winter time to prevent them from entering at all.

Treat the Perimeter of Your Home
Liquid Insecticide
Before it gets cold out, you want to treat the outside of your house with a liquid insecticide. Mix the insecticide with water in a pump sprayer according to the directions on the label and spray the following areas:

  • Spray about 3 feet up and 3 feet away from the foundation of the house around the entire perimeter.
  • Spray cracks and crevices around the foundation
  • Spray door frames and window frames
  • Spray vents that lead outside
  • Spray around outdoor light fixtures
  • Spray in eaves and soffits
  • Spray where utility pipes and wires enter

Treating Your Home With A Liquid Insecticide
Use a liquid insecticide and an insecticide dust around the home to treat for Asian lady beetles.
Liquid Insecticide
Inside the house, you can use insecticide spray to spot treat areas. Do not spray entire floors, wall, or rooms with your insecticide. Find and treat these areas inside the home:
  • Spray around door and window frames
  • Spray where utility pipes enter the home
  • Spray underneath appliances and beneath sinks
* Keep pets and children away from the sprayed area until the spray has dried, usually 1 to 2 hours.

Using Insecticide Dust for Hard to Reach Areas
As a supplement to liquid insecticide, we advise using an dust insecticide around your home to fight an Asian Lady Beetles infestation. Insecticide dusts are good for hard to reach places, but it is a slow kill product, it is recommended that it be used with other faster working products.
Eaton Green Bellow Duster Asian Lady Beetles
For usage of insecticide dust, fill your bellow hand duster half-way and apply the dust in the following places:
  • Door and window frames
  • Cables and pipes that enter your home
  • Around eaves and soffits
  • Wall voids and behind outlets
  • Corners of attics and closets
  • Cracks and crevices
  • Under appliances and sinks
Do not apply more than 1 or 2 "puffs" of insecticide dust in each of the treatment spots. If too much dust is applied to one area, it will not be effective.

Integrated Pest Management
Vacuuming Asian Lady Beetles
It is as well a series of actions homeowners can take to prevent the most common pests from entering their homes.
Actions you can take around your home:
  • Create a barrier by raking or sweeping pine, mulch, or bark 6 inches away from the foundation
  • Trim back branches and bushes so they do not touch the house
  • Add door sweeps to outer doors
  • Clean out gutters to remove any debris
  • Add steel mesh to where utilities enter your home
  • Caulk cracks and crevices around your house
  • Fix ripped screens
  • Keep your house clean
  • Vacuum house frequently to be free of crumbs

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