Fire Ant Inspection

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Inspecting For Fire Ants
If you reside in the southeast, there is a good chances that you have had a run in with Fire ants. The Fire ants painful bites and stings will leave a lasting impression. Take the time to properly identify the areas that are infested so that your Fire ant control efforts will be more effective.
Fire Ants

Where To Look
Fire Ants
Fire ant infestations are usually easy to spot due to their ground mounds. Fire ant mounds are usually found in open and sunny areas. Fire ants will build mounds in both bare soil and in grass.

When weather conditions such as drought, extreme high temps, or too much rain, Fire ants have been known to move into wall voids, utility boxes and a/c units. Looking inside a wall void is rather difficult. If you suspect that you have Fire ants in the wall, you should use a flashlight and check around the exterior of wall very late in the evening when the ants come out looking for food.

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