Inspecting For Drain Flies

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Drain Fly Inspection
Drain Flies

Drain flies do not come from your pipes or drains, they come from outside to the drain when they smell the organic matter in the drain that they need to breed. Drain flies get into your home through tiny holes throughout your house.

Drain flies are most active in the evening when they group around sinks and drains. Before treating for Drain flies, you'll need to make sure your flies are really coming from the drain or some other hidden source of moisture or decay. Fruit flies are other types of flies found in kitchens and bathrooms that can be easily mistaken for Drain flies.

How To Inspect a Drain For Flies
Drain Flies

To inspect a drain for Drain flies we recommend performing simple tests:

  1. Dry off all sinks, bathtubs, and floor drain areas before going to bed for the evening.
  2. Place some clear sticky tape or a small glue board across the center of each of your drains, with the sticky side facing downwards in the drain. Don't cover the drain opening completely, or the flies will not have an opening to come out of.
  3. Leave the sticky tape in place overnight or even over the weekend.
  4. If you find flies stuck to the tape, you know that particular drain is indeed one of the breeding areas for Drain flies. If you do not find flies at first, repeat this test for a few more nights see if there are any possible variations in their breeding cycle.

You may also find Drain flies on walls in rooms with infested drains. The Drain flies will be close to each other.

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