Inspecting For Cluster Flies

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Where Do Cluster Flies Hide?
Inspecting For Cluster Flies

Springtime is usually the time that you might see these flies clustered around windows and doors inside your house. Cluster flies are a nuisance pest but they will not cause harm to humans as they do not carry diseases.

If you see Cluster flies inside your house, knowing where they hare hiding is important or the treatment of Cluster flies.

Where To Locate Cluster Flies Hide In Your House
Cluster Flies In Your House

If Cluster flies happen to find their way into your house, they will try and find small cracks and crevices to hide. They will typically stay there through the entire winter. You generally will not see the Cluster flies until it gets warmer in the spring and the flies try to leave their hiding areas looking for food.

Inside your house, Cluster flies will generally hide in the following areas:
  • Cracks in walls
  • Attics and basements
  • Bedding or clothing
  • Curtains
  • Under furniture
  • Under art or picture frames
When the weather gets warmer, Cluster flies will try to leave the home and/or hiding spots. On those warmer days, Cluster flies can usually be found around windows, doors, and lighting inside your house.

Where Cluster Flies Hide Outside Of Your House
Cluster Flies Outside

Cluster flies may venture outside if the weather gets somewhat warmer. They will be found on the warmest/sunniest side of the house.

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