Inspecting for Carpenter Bees

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Carpenter Bee Damage, Nests, & Holes
Carpenter Bee Inspection Damage

Carpenter Bee damage is usually easily visible. Carpenter Bees will bore holes into wooden pieces of a structure, fences, lawn furniture, playground equipment, etc. If there is a lot of Carpenter Bee holes, they can be unattractive and be expensive to repair. Spotting Carpenter Bees and their nests early can limit the damage they can cause.

Carpenter Bees Damage Saw Dust Boring Holes Carpenter Bees Damage Saw Dust Boring Fence Post

Carpenter Bees will infest most wooden parts of the outside of your home or structure. It is best to check these areas during the daytime. Be sure to check any wood siding, railings, eaves, fascias, fences, and other wood types on and around your property. Check for the following:
  • About 1/2" circular holes in dry wood, usually with piles of sawdust underneath the holes
  • Yellow streaks staining the wood below the hole. (fecal matter)
  • If one of these holes is occupied, you will find the male buzzing around when you go near that hole

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