Fruit Fly Identification

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Identifying Fruit Flies
Identifying Fruit Flies
There are a lot of small gnat fly types that live indoors including fungus gnats, drain flies, and fruit flies. Finding out where the flies are gathering and what they are using for food will help with identifying them.

Fruit flies will hover around most often near drains, garbage cans, fresh or rotting produce, and moist organic material that may gather under refrigerators or poorly cleaned areas. Fruit fly numbers are higher in late summer and early fall during the harvest season and may often come into your home on fruits or vegetables you get from the grocery store.

How Long Do Fruit Flies Live?

Adult fruit flies can live around 6 weeks in areas where there is plenty of food and and temperatures. The adult female Fruit fly is able to mate and lay eggs during that time. Adult fruit flies are the most annoying because a very small population of them can become very large in a short period of time.

Fruit Fly Size, Shape, and Colors
Fruit Fly Shape, Size, and Colors
Fruit flies are generally about 1/8" inch long. They have 6 legs and light-colored bodies. Fruit flies are yellowish tan in color and have bright red eyes.

Fruit Fly Locations Geographically
Flies in the United States
Fruit Flies can be found in every state in the United States.

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