Fly Identification

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Identifying Flies
Identifying Flies
There are many species of flies that can be a nuisance. The common housefly is the most common, but there are other species of flies that can become pests including stable flies, horse flies, bottle flies, black flies, and cluster flies.

The average house fly can live for about 2-4 weeks depending on their food supply as well as temperature.

Fly Size, Shape, and Colors
Fly Diagram
Adults house flies:
House flies can range in size from 4mm to 7.5mm. The females are usually larger than the males.

Immature house flies:
Maggots, the immature house fly, are about 3mm - 9mm long.

Adult House flies:
  • They have 2 large compound eyes
  • Have just 6 legs
  • Have just 1 set of transparent wings
  • Have small antenna
  • Have short hairs on their abdomen
Immature House flies/maggots:
  • Maggots do not have any legs
  • Maggots are thinner at one end
  • Maggots look like small worms
Adult House flies can range in color from light grey, to greyish black and some house flies will have dark stripes on their backs. Immature house flies, or maggots, are pale yellow to light cream in color.

Fly Locations Geographically
Flies in the United States
Flies can be found in every state around the United States.

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