Flea Identification

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Identifying Fleas
While we have several species of fleas in the US, the cat flea has proven the most problematic as it is known to infest most domesticated animals and they are able to reproduce indoors. A flea is about the size of a ball point pen tip.
Identifying Fleas

Fire Ant Size, Shape, and Colors
Flea Diagram
Adult fleas are typically 1.5 mm to 3.5 mm depending on their gender.

Adult fleas are a dark brown or dark reddish brown color. The stages of fleas include larva, pupa and eggs can rarely seen with the naked eye.

Fleas have a lateral compressed, oval shaped body. Fleas have 6 long legs and do not have any wings.

Flea Locations Geographically
Flea Geography
Fleas can be found in every state around the US which is why there is such a great need for flea control.

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