Identifying Drain Flies

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What are Drain Flies?
Drain Flies

Drain flies are small flies that are attracted to the organic material that builds up in sink drains, shower drains, floor drains and other places where decaying organic matter would be. These small flies show up quickly and can reproduce fast. You will need to check the drain to be sure you actually have drain flies and not some other kind of fly.

Drain Flies Size, Shape, and Color
Drain Flies
  • Drain flies are dark grey to black in color.
  • Drain flies are around 1/5 to 1/6 inches in length.
  • Drain flies have 6 legs
  • Drain flies have one set of wings that are fuzzy
  • Drain flies have antennae
  • Drain flies look a lot like small moths when viewed up close

Drain Flies Range Geographically
United States

Drain flies are found in every state of the United States.

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