Identifying Cluster Flies

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What are Cluster Flies?
Identifying Cluster Flies
If you see some flies grouping around the doors and windows of your home, mostly when temperatures warm in spring time, you may have cluster flies. Cluster flies are "overwintering" insects, they will enter your home or building in search of a warmer place to hole up for the winter time. Cluster flies generally are not really noticeable until the spring time when they leave their hiding spots and go outside searching for food.

The Cluster Fly is not harmful to people, they do not carry disease or damage items in your house, they are generally considered a nuisance type pest.

Cluster Flies Size, Shape, and Color

Cluster Flies
Cluster flies will measure about 8 to 10 millimeters long. Their bodies covered in short hairs and have they have transparent wings overlap. Cluster Flies have 6 legs and two large eyes, they are a little bit larger than a regular housefly. Cluster flies usually have checkered abdomens with short, hairs that give them kind of a shiny look.

Cluster Flies Range Geographically

United States

Cluster flies will be found throughout the entire United States.

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