Fruit Fly Inspection

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Inspecting For Fruit Flies
Inspecting For Fruit Flies
Where Do Fruit Flies Come From, Live, & Hide

Fruit flies are opportunistic insects and can breed in many areas that might be overlooked. Fruit flies are attracted to the smell of fruit and other decaying material and they will show up quickly if the fruit is left out on the counter. Fruit flies can smell fruit from a very far distance and can get into your home through the smallest openings, seeming like they came from nowhere. It is a good idea to inspect the following places to find the decaying material where the Fruit flies are breeding:

  • Counters where fruit or vegetables are kept
  • Trash cans and under garbage bags
  • Refrigerator drip pans
  • Sink and floor drains
  • Underneath kitchen appliances where any fruit or vegetable juices might have spilled
  • Loose floor or counter tiles
  • Near the kick plate under counters
  • Drink dispensing machines / lines

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