Flea Prevention

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Pet Flea Prevention
Flea Prevention Flea Comb
Make sure your pet is protected from flea infestation by having them on a monthly flea treatment such as flea drops or sprays. There are several pet flea control products available, so be sure to read the label of the product you select. You should also use a flea comb to go through your pet's fur to check for live fleas and flea dirt.

Flea Prevention Indoors
Vacumming Carpet Flea Prevention
Prevent flea infestations indoors by regularly vacuuming rugs and pet accessible furniture at least once a week to help remove any flea eggs or flea feces that might have got into your home by your pets or even on your feet. Frequently wash your pets bedding to remove any flea eggs that may have been deposited on them.
Yard Flea Prevention
Flea Prevention Yard
Preventing fleas in your yard can be a bit more difficult because wild and stray animals may wander on to your property and leave behind flea eggs. Yard maintenance will help keep these animals from your yard, therefore it will also make the areas less hospitable to fleas.
  • Keep yard debris cleaned up
  • Trim back tree branches to allow sun to reach the soil
  • Don't over water your lawn
  • Keep grass short

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